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Diploma In Montessori Education (Online /Onsite)

This is a complete Montessori Education program that meets International standards.  Teachers may apply the knowledge and skills that they learn in this program to any educational setting, Montessori or non Montessori schools that uses Montessori Materials in their environment.

Parents may apply the knowledge and skills with their children in their home environment to enhance learning and quality bonding time.

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In-House Training

Over the years, Sunshine has conducted various workshops for parents and training programs in many schools…

We modify our training programs to meet the needs of schools and offer a variety of training topics to choose from.

We have also conducted a Certificate course in Preschool Teaching and Certificate and Diploma in Montessori Education for teachers in various schools.

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Montessori Teacher Training

Starting Your Own Preschool?

We offer consultations to help you start your own preschool business (Montessori or Montessori-blend). Our consultation include helping you explore your own preschool philosophy that relates to your heart, helping you through the entire process and stages with employment and training of teachers, preparing curriculum and assessments, sourcing materials and furniture, layout of set-up etc…

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What Others Say About Us

What our students and clients say about us:

  • testim03 “Sunshine Teachers’ Training offers the kind of experience that you wish could last forever, that makes you challenge yourself in ways you never expected and moulds your view of the world”.

    Zita & Futri
    Zita & FutriFounders of Kids Republic
  • testim02 "I've definitely improved in my teaching skills. After the completion of this course, I will like to continue to use the Montessori materials to teach children with ASD, especially in their academic"

    Sharon AW
    Sharon AWSpecial Needs Teacher
  • testim01 "My experience so far is exceeding what I expect because I plan really to become a teacher, the course motivated me so much, I feel it help me as mother and as individual".

    Sharon AW
    Maria GomesMother of 2 boys

Sunshine Teachers’ Training was born from a passion and desire to lift the quality of teaching in early childhood education in Indonesia in 2005. Montessori methodology is becoming increasingly popular in South East Asia today and the need for qualified Montessori teachers is highly felt.


Over the years we have trained thousands of teachers who have secured jobs locally and internationally.


Our training center is recognized and approved by the Ministry of education in Indonesia.

Our Aim

Sunshine Teachers’ Training aims at empowering interested individuals to become the ‘BEST’ teachers who can make a difference in the lives of children and their families.

Our Philosophy

We provide a holistic education for educators using Montessori and teacher-made materials to help improve quality of early childhood and teacher education in Indonesia and beyond.

You can learn…

  • Montessori Diploma ONLINE (check out our FREE Preview)
  • Weekday and Weekend Classes in two different Locations: Cempaka Putih and Bintaro
  • Classes in English and Bahasa Indonesia


In Addition we also offer the following Services:

  • In-house training in your school for your teachers on specific areas of your choice.
  • Consultations on how to set up your preschool (Montessori or Non-Montessori)
  • Private workshops and trainings.

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We offer discounts for all enrollments into our Diploma Program in Montessori Education for the Month of August 2015.

Our Latest Updates!

The 10 Dangers Of Teaching Children As An Unqualified Teacher...

There are so many preschools and not enough qualified teachers in the workforce in Indonesia today.

So what is happening as a result of this?

Preschools have no choice but to employ individuals who only ‘have the love for children’ but have no knowledge or skills.


When It Comes To Education, You Either Grow Or You Die!

What do you think your confidence and motivation levels will be like if equipped with new skills and knowledge to help children in your classroom/ school?

When it comes to education, you either grow or you die…

When I say die, I mean that your skills eventually become obsolete; you lose your confidence leading to lack of motivation.


Gaby’s Journey In Finding Her Passion…

It has been a long struggle for me to truly find my passion and calling in life. I wanted to find a job where I can feel excited to come to work every morning, and I wasn’t able to find this excitement during my time in retail.


Upgrade your teaching skills and make a difference in your life! Sunshine will give you the best teaching experience!