Get Your Diploma in Montessori Edcuation

Many preschools in Indonesia and other developing countries still…

  • Use the chalk and talk system to teach young children.
  • Teach reading, writing and arithmetic through teacher instruction, using worksheets and books only  (In Indonesia this is commonly referred to as ‘Calistung’)
  • Seat children on chairs and tables listening to the teacher who sing, teach and instruct at the top of her lungs
  • Follow a structured routine with limited play-time, home works and written tests.

Our current educational system is disastrous for children and everyone knows our education system is so far behind!

I, Sony Vasandani, have implemented Montessori in Sunshine Preschool around 15 years ago and have personally seen the impact of Montessori on children. I have also helped a few individuals set up their Preschools/ Enrichment Centre / Day Care implementing Montessori within their desired system…. And I know it works beautifully for our children in Indonesia.

This is why we are passionate about educating Montessori to parents, teachers and anyone interested to teach children.

How Will This Diploma Benefit You?

Sunshine Teachers’ Training have been training Principals, Teachers & Parents for over 12 years. We provide simple and Quality training helping so thousands to learn and succeed with implementing Montessori.

Once you complete your Montessori Diploma at Sunshine, you will…

  1. Have a good understanding of the Montessori principles and philosophy.
  2. Have a good knowledge of Child development 0-6 years that will enable you to understand what to expect from children.
  3. Know how to use Montessori materials and how to extend that knowledge to create more materials to support children’s learning
  4. Be able to implement all other activities such as music & movement, holding an effective circle time, unique ways of telling stories and how to help your children become even more creative.
  5. Know how to manage a classroom full of noisy children effectively and make learning happen in the most natural and beautiful way.
  6. Be able to observe children, plan and effectively implement your lessons.
  7. Know how you can conduct yourself professionally and be of greater value to your school, your children and your society.
  8. Receive the full Montessori curriculum and modules that you can use to work with – these are yours to keep for life!
  9. Be highly motivated, creative and confident! Teaching will never be the same.

Our student presenting math material teaching the concept of Odd & Even.

Our student presenting math material teaching the concept of Odd and Even

If you …

  • Fear the course may be difficult for you
  • Are not confident with sitting through exams
  • Are not sure if you can sit through assignments

I must assure you most students have the same feelings when they start but we have a 98% student success rate!

How is this possible?

Once you are enrolled, we give you our full support to ensure your success

Exams and assignments are simple and do not involve the writing of heavy intensive essays or long answers.

You are graded more on your participation, materials your create and present and practical application of the materials. All this is directly helps you when you work with children.

Diploma In Montessori – In English Jl. Cempaka Putih Raya No: 21 Jakarta 10510

Weekday Classes:

Course Duration: 12 months

1x/week (Mondays Only)

9:30 am – 2:30 pm

Saturday Classes:


Course Duration: 1 Year

9:30 am to 2:30 pm

“Learning will be so much fun through Montessori. There will be no children who will hate school. They will be the ones who will be so eager to go to school. Not only getting knowledge, the children will also get a chance to develop and strengthen their skills. Most importantly, Montessori teaches the children to socialize, be independent, and to respect each other. With regards to Indonesia’s education, I think Montessori will bring a new wave of teaching method that will help the growth of illiterate into literate children. It wouldn’t be surprising to find one of your students has become a president or other inspirational figures when they have all grown up”.

Ms. Cha-cha


“As educators, we are now faced with the challenges that beset our education system. The Montessori training that we are undergoing opens the doors of opportunities with new insights and a fresh perspective on how to impart knowledge to the students in the classroom. The challenge is now upon us to share this method with other educators in the field and parents who are unaware of the benefits of the Montessori curriculum”

Ms. Ying

Head of Enrichment Programs,


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