Why provide training for your teachers?

in-house01It is very common to see a high rate of turnover of teachers in any preschools / school. This is because every now and then teachers need something more to challenge them and to learn something new. After all, things do get monotonous if you just keep doing the same thing over and over again, year after year.

Providing a meaningful training program for your teachers…

  • Keeps them motivated & excited about their job
  • Inspires them
  • Makes them feel that you care for them
  • Helps them grow as a person
  • Helps them feel secure staying with you.

Popular workshops that will highly benefit your teachers….

Developmental Milestones

Montessori Philosophy Workshop

Montessori Curriculum Workshop

Bringing Stories to Life

Leaping into literacy

Curriculum Planning (3 hours)

Music & Movement

Professional Development

Want to conduct Training for your Teachers?

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Here are some schools we have worked with…

  • TK Penabur, Kelapagading, Jakarta
  • Ecole de Smarties, Pasarbaru, Jakarta
  • Pahoa, BSD
  • Kinderfun
  • Sekolah Gandhi
  • Sekolah Bogor Montessori School
  • Kids Republic
  • Sekolah Kanaan Global School
  • Bina Tunas Bangsa
  • Sekolah Kinderstasion, Yogyakarta
  • Sekolah Little Jimboree Bogor
  • Sekolah Taman Rama, Bali
  • Sekolah KB-TK Tzu Chi, PIK
  • Sekolah Budi Mulia 2 Bintaro
  • Sekolah Unique Growing Mind
  • Saint Ana school
  • Little Owl
  • Tetum Bunaya
  • Maryam & Isa Childcare
  • KinderHaven